Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall Accessories are probably the most widely used retail display system due to their versatility.  
There are such a wide range of slatwall fittings available that almost anything is possible.  Slatwall is
most commonly made from MDF board which has slots spaced evenly apart, usually 100mm, it is in the
slats that the slatwall accessories fit.  Slatted board can also be made from other materials such as
plastic or metal.  A popular product is metal slatwall shelving.  The most popular slatwall accessory is the
single prong and double slatwall hooks.
single slatwall hooks
double slatwall hooks
slatwall notched arm
slatwall straight arms
slatwall 5 hook waterfall arm
slatwall garment hook
Slatwall wire basket
slatwall ball holder
jewellery displayer
slatwall tie rack
slatwall millinery arm for hats and helmets
slatwall shoe shelf
Slatwall shelf bracket with safety tip
slatwall wood shelf brackets
slatwall glass shelf bracket with suction cups
Most clothes stores use slatwall for displays around the walls of the shop and there are a large
number of slatwall accessories to create the desired layout, fittings such as waterfall arms (sloping
arms), notched arms, straight arms or garment rails (D Bars|) are the most commonly used.
For loose products there are a wide variety of wire slatwall baskets available and for more
specialised products there are purpose designed slatwall fittings such as football holders, tie
racks, millinery arms, shoe shelves or jewellery displayers.
Another popular use for slatwall is to add shelves, for this purpose there are a wide range of
slatwall brackets available for either wooden or glass shelves.
Most slatwall accessories are a chrome finish, the price in recent years has come down dramatically,
for great prices we recommend the shelving megastore where you can buy online with free mainland
UK delivery.