Cornwall holiday accommodation Cartwheel Millbrook
The 6 person Platinum hot tub at the Cartwheel has 65 jets, positioned and distributed in each of the
four main seats to provide you with the ultimate massage, while laying your head against one of comfort
design pillows.   The 4 center power-storm jets will deliver a penetrating deep tissue massage and target
calf muscles or feet.

All four hot seats deliver soothing, deep-tissue massage through powerful whirlpool action and
adjustable pressure jets.  Two high flow pumps to provides the power to produce the pressures you
body needs to relieve stress to those specific pressure points such as your back and shoulders.  With the
24 hours crystal-Clear Filtration system run by a low amp circulation pump, you hot tub will always be
clean and ready when you are.  Set the mood with the LED Muti-Color Light.  Listen to the soothing
waterfall as your thoughts of the day disappear with-in the warm bubbling waters.

The Cartwheel hot tub is installed with an ozonator to guarantee great quality water at all times without
the need for high levels of Chlorine or other sanitiser.

At the Cartwheel we use Aquafinesse ® water treatment chemicals.  Aquafinesse ® gives you worry
free water care. All you have to do is concentrate on fully enjoying your hot tub experience.

  • Pure and Clean - The water is pure and clean, and you can trust Aquafinesse®  to provide a safe
    bathing environment in the hot tub, without worrying about your family's health.

  • Feels good - You will notice for yourself that the water feels different; it feels softer to the touch.
    You will also notice that your skin feels softer when you come out of the hot tub, no more itching
    or dry skin.

  • No heavy chemical smell –Aquafinesse® is an environmentally friendly formula and it doesn't
    smell. That's why we have added a light fresh scent.
Hot tub holiday at the Cartwheel Millbrook Cornwall
Platinum hot tub similar to the Cartwheel's hot tub
Lifting the Hot tub into position was fun to say the least
Positioning the hot tub in the back garden!

Hot Tub Holiday Cornwall