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The Rame peninsula offers great fishing for the fair weather fisherman or professional.  Whitsand bay is the
most popular area, but there is also great fishing in the Tamar estuary, Plymouth sound, Millbrook Lake
(Coarse fishing), Other Millbrook lake (mullet).  There are also boat charters locally or from Plymouth or


A huge bay located just a few miles to the west of Plymouth. It consists of many beaches and a few rock
marks that can throw up anything from bass to turbot.

Warning – parking can be found easily near all the marks in the form of beach car park lay byes but roads to
and from these areas are narrow and winding. During holiday season there will be increased traffic, the water
will be full with bathers and big channel swells will attract surfers from all over the southwest! Fishing will be
best if you stick to early mornings, evenings or overnight.

Queener Point

Once at Whitsands Bay and on the coast road, follow the narrow road for its entirety, through the village of
Freathy and on towards Rame Head. Once at Rame Head you will find parking in the area near the old
coastguard station. A 10-minute scramble through the fields and onto the coast path will soon have you looking
out across Whitsands Bay from Queener Point.

This mark is an all-species mark and will fish on both directions of tide, with the biggest tides being the best.
Tactics include spinning and float fishing for mackerel and garfish, plugging for bass, and ragworm fished hard
on the bottom, running-leger style will produce decent wrasse.

Main Beach

This long stretch of beach can be found just to the east of the village of Freathy. Park up at the top of the
cliffs and walk down on the path provided, which goes through the beach chalets. Be careful to keep noise to a
minimum at night. This beach is best viewed at low water before commencing fishing in order to find the sand
gulleys and bars. Flood and ebb tides will both fish but the flood tends to produce more. Fish live sandeel on
an up-and-over rig or running leger for the bigger fish and lugworm on multi-hook rigs for schoolie sport!


Just to the west and up the beach from the main beach you will find Fisherman’s. This is clear because of its
rocky outcrops that spread from the cliffs and spill out onto the beach.  Fisherman’s is a bass angler’s
paradise. Fish evening flood tides and start by wading out and casting distance. As the tide pushes back, move
with it until eventually, over the top of the tide, you will end up fishing on the rocks. Be careful not to get cut
off though. Fish a single rod and a single bait of frozen or live sandeel, or multiple lugworm. Running legers or
paternosters will work best; expect to see the fish sizes grow as the tide pushes up. The biggest fish always
seem to fall just before the top of the tide and during the cover of darkness.

The Grotto

Back further west along the coast road you will find a small, gravelled car park located on a tight bend in the
road. This car park is easily found because it has a huge yellow goalpost spanning the entrance.

The Grotto is the only real rock mark along this stretch of beach and provides some of the best action in the
area. This mark is well known for producing some good double-figure bass. Funnily enough, a few of these
have fallen in daylight to frozen sandeel while are bathers were in the water! The best times to fish the Grotto
safely are early mornings and as the evening sets in. Plugging is possible and highly effective because a short
cast will put you straight into deep water. Failing that, adopt the single hook, single bait tactic and sit it out for
a decent fish.


Tregantle, yet again, is further west back along the coast road and is the first beach you will come to when
approaching from Antony. A military firing range is located on the cliff side. It’s not possible to fish this beach
when the red flags are flying. Parking can be found in the form of a big lay-by. Tregantle offers one of the
best chances of becoming hooked up, over all these marks. Fish single baits of lugworm, live or frozen sandeel
on running pats and legers for decent fish. This beach fishes on the flood and the ebb and as a small bonus this
beach can throw up the odd turbot over the low and high slack water.

F Range

Just around the corner from Tregantle and a little bit further west down the beach you will find F Range. It’s
easily found by walking along the water’s edge at low tide and looking back at the military firing ranges along
the top of the cliffs. The last one to the west is F Range – fish right in front of here. Parking can be found in
the same place as Tregantle and F Range is only a 20-minute walk from there.

F Range can be a funny spot, it’s generally shallower than the other beaches and will only fish during darkness
and if the sky is overcast. The best bet is to leave this as your last option and fish one of the other beaches
first. If that doesn’t work, make the trip to F Range, as it’s probably fishing well. This beach throws up small
and big bass, so adapt your tactics to suit.

Millbrook Estuary

Millbrook Estuary especially around Southdown area is excellent for flounder fishing in the winter months,
small ragworm is the preferred bait.

Millbrook Lake

Not to be confused with the large lake in the centre of the village, this lake can be found on the road from
Millbrook to whitsand bay at the bottom of donkey lane.  Day tickets are available at the farmhouse nearby,
contact Mark Blake 01752 832210.  Fish are Carp 23lbs, Ghost Carp 16lbs, Tench 3lbs, Perch 3lbs, Bream
3lbs.  Tactics Feeder, maggot, luncheon meat, boilies, sweetcorn, bread.
Tickets: £5, £3 after 5pm, £10 night

Millbrook Lake (Centre of Millbrook)

The main lake in the centre of Millbrook is formed by the damming of the estuary to prevent flooding.  The
lake is often very well populated with Grey Mullet, good luck catching these!

The Tamar

There are a huge number of popular fishing Marks on the Tamar, the current shore Conger record is held here
(68lbs 8oz).  Also great for Cod, Thornback rays and the ever present Bass.

Boat Fishing

Fishing trips can be arranged from numerous boats from Plymouth Barbican or from Looe.  Great reef and
wreck fishing or just a 2hr Mackerel fishing trips are possible.  Uncle Len's charters available from Millbrook
area (07875 084625).

Fishing on the Rame Peninsula